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Name:A Waiting Room
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A roleplay community with a dressing room type setting, all may join and play.

Welcome to the Red Room, a roleplaying community in a dressing room type setting that requires no application and is free for anyone to join! Please continue reading for more information.

You've woken up in an extradimensional waiting room. It's rather large, surrounded on all four sides by hanging red curtains of simple fabric. Beneath your feet, a solid, sleek floor with a black and white zig-zag pattern. Don't stare too long, it's been known to make people dizzy. You may notice other beings in here, possibly lounging on one of the many black leather-like sofas. If you hunger or you thirst, you'll find whatever you crave has just appeared in your hand. You might think of trying this with other things as well, items like pencil or paper, perhaps? Feel free to do so. You never know, you may get your wish.

This place exists on another plane, in another dimension. But let's think of it as a dream, shall we? You got here by sleeping. Or you may have died. Or perhaps you're in a coma. The only way out is to "wake up". But don't worry, we know it looks boring, but you have to remember this is a dream. And dreams can change at will. Have you tried peeking behind those curtains yet? Oh, you really should.


1. Stay IC to the best of your ability. This is a casual, relaxed atmosphere, unlike a lot of actual games out there, so there will be no "policing" of this. However, please be aware that people are more likely to play with you if you're consistent with your characterization.

2. Be civil to each other. IC characters may ruffle each other's feathers, get into fights, it's bound to happen. OOC drama, however, really won't be tolerated. If you have a problem with a player, here is the solution for this community: ignore them, avoid them, don't play with them. It's that simple. If you feel you are being genuinely harassed by another player, please send a message to the mod journal.

3. No info-modding, god-modding, or fourth-wall breaking without permission from the other player. Always, always ask the other player first if you're not sure if something is okay. PMs or OOC notes in a comment should do it. You may also take a look at their profile to see if they have a permissions post that already list these things, as some games require one. This one doesn't. (This includes thread-jacking, please only do it if you're sure the other player is okay with it!)

4. All threads going beyond a M16 rating need to be taken to journals or museboxes, or fade to black. This probably won't be heavily policed, but as a courtesy to others we would appreciate it be done this way.

5. Rules are subject to be changed or added to. Please glance at the profile semi-regularly if you're posting/commenting here. Any major changes will be noted within the community.


- All manner of characters are allowed here. This includes original characters, canon characters (as well as multiples of that character), and alternate universe versions of characters. You may also bring in characters with knowledge of other games, provided those other games allow your character to sleep, and thus, dream.

- This dream may or may not be remembered once you've awoken outside the Red Room. It's different for everyone. However, most people will find that while here, they do remember their former visits.

- While violence is allowed, it will only be tolerated at a minimum. If your character has the intention of torturing, raping, or murdering, they will find themselves waking up. Meaning they will be kicked out of this dream. For minor violence, it will only be allowed provided you have consent from the other player.

- Outside the red curtains you will find rooms similar to the Red Room. They're smaller rooms surrounded by red curtains, though the floor may be whatever you wish, as well as the contents (within reason). If someone is holding your hand, you may take them to this room. However, if you aren't touching, you may end up in different rooms. The layout of this place isn't exactly linear (how many dreams are?) and there's no guarantee you'll find your way back to the Red Room once you enter another. At least, not until next time you dream.


Direct questions here.
Sample/starting entry here.

Mods at [personal profile] redmods.

§ Information layout credit goes to [personal profile] lavaliere.
§ Coding done by [personal profile] advancing.
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